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Originally Posted by waltc View Post
I can't help but hearken back to AmigaVision and the massive potential that it had... (Especially compared with Visual Basic, etc.) I did some amazing stuff with that program & 16 mb's ram... What potential there was! Arexx was another favorite thing of mine, in a scripting program called T-Rexx Professional--the stuff that was possible to cobble together using the Arexx ports in various programs--to effect more or less "real-time" stuff (suitable for tape BetaMax recording) was amazing...! Even to this day with the amazing strides in hardware we've seen I'm not sure these programs really have any equals.
AREXX ports were my favorite use of the Flow Editor in AmigaVision 2 as well, Mainly because there were bugs in almost every other aspect of the program!

Re:Visual languages
I'd rather write a graphical editor as a child class of a BOOPSI tree gadget than to have to write a parser. With a graphical programming environment I'll just say hello to IFFParse.library! Since AmigaVision defined its own private IFF CODE file format, I'd have to come up with a separate IFF PRG0 format with the final digit being the release version of the format.
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