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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
The problem of the Amiga community is too many consumers, not enough software producers. . There are very good producers, StingRay, Galhahad, Phx, etc. but we need more and new tools.
Yes, but to become as good a coder as StingRay, Gallahad, phx etc. (whom shall now thereafter be referred to as "semi-gods") takes alot of time and experience, with the semi-gods having atleast 10+ years more experience coding on the Amiga (in assembler) than me. I have only been coding in assembler since around 2007/8, whereas the semi-gods have (as I understand it) been doing so since the early 90's (or longer).

As for new tools, everyone wants something different. There are already some interesting tools (good and bad) on Aminet and other sources on the internet.
I wasn't particularly keen on those I found and ended up coding by own. But whilst I am happy with my tools, I'm sure atleast half of the folks in this thread will see them and go "I'd prefer to have it done this way..."
It takes alot of time coding up new tools, and that is time that the individual might prefer to spend on making the game. However sometimes it is unavoidable as tools can make level (re)designing so much faster and easier

And, for what it's worth, I much prefer the syntax in BASIC just the way it is.
I personally don't understand lines such as:
For I in A ...
I in A? If I=1 what does A equal? 1?
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