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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
Can't get Swift for the Amiga...
Soon you will:

"In addition to new features, the big news is that Apple will be making Swift open source later this year.
Swift source code will be released under an OSI-approved permissive license.
Contributions from the community will be accepted — and encouraged.
At launch we intend to contribute ports for OS X, iOS, and Linux.
Source code will include the Swift compiler and standard library.
We think it would be amazing for Swift to be on all your favorite platforms."

Swift relies on LLVM for code generation so once the 68k backend is functional it will be able to support the Amiga.

It has anonymous functions, closures, enum types, and allows for much better functional style than C++ while still staying quite close to the metal.

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
Strange though, that someone can mention that they are remaking Sinclair BASIC and no-one says they are re-inventing the wheel... i'm practically re-inventing the jet engine, by comparison.
Writing on BASIC wastes too much of my energy and I fully agree with all your posts on the topic. I am fairly sure that if posts could be voted up yours would be high enough to be counted as representative.

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