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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
If you can help, I recreated manually hardfile PC 30MB of OS 3.9, attach screenshots with the values entered, the MS-DOS Floppy has started tranquillamete, recognition Hardisk usually error 1782 Controller failure.
As I said before, BIOS harddisk setting is hardware IDE only. Do not set it if you use Janus (makeab) hardfile. Check A2286 manual, it says you should only set HD BIOS setting if you install IDE board. (IDE HD configured in BIOS but no HD _or_ controller = 1782 Controller Failure)

I finally tried A2286 janus hardfile and noticed that Amiga to PC interrupt was not delivered to PC side. Fixed in winuae.7z now.

Did janus hardfiles work with older bridgeboards? If they did, then A2286 changed interrupt enable logic. (And it does not anymore match technical manual register listing)
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