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Originally Posted by Megol View Post
To a certain level it is: it is mostly implemented as an interpreter and support direct execution of statements both of which helps experimenting. Having a lot of stuff predefined without needing some type of including/importing statements helps too.
I agree. The length of a "hello world" program in a beginner's language shouldn't be longer than in BASIC. It's not a funny propositon to try to teach children or students the joys of programming if Java is the language of choice, since you either have to explain a lot of irrelevant code before getting to the "hello world" bit, or tell them "graeca est, non est legendum", hence enforcing their impressions that computers are magical machines that run on incantations.

You can say what you want about BASIC, it might not be the best language, but if it is to be replaced, its replacement must be some other language that doesn't make the beginner feel stupid because he failed to write something the computer could very well have figured out itself, such as a statement terminator.

Originally Posted by Megol
IMO one will soon hit a brick wall and have either to switch language or use some extended BASIC dialect. But I repeat myself
What you call extended BASIC dialects are the only BASIC dialects in use today, or even in use twenty years ago.

BASICs may have diverged from the primitive, non-structured language of the sixties, but even though they differ from each other, they tend to all offer the same basic additions only with different spelling. So what AMOS calls a "procedure" is called a "statement" in Blitz, but both support the same kind of structured programming.

Originally Posted by Megol
Your fixation with symbol use is strange to me given that BASICs tend to use sigils to indicate type type of a variable which IMHO is much less logical and readable.
Well, I don't agree that it is less logical or readable. It may even serve some pedagogic purpose. But there are certainly languages that do without (ARexx, for example), so why not Basic as well? That's what Blitz Basic does. All variables receive the default type set with the latest DEFTYPE command, unless you add the type suffix on declaration. After the suffix is used in declaration, you needn't use it anymore.
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