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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
PPC + 060/100 mhz + usb + ethernet + gfxcard + 128mb ram etc... etc.... I would like the most huge card ever.
With maximum parts in fpga !!!! And must be compatible with amiga os 4 for classics.
Why would you want os4 compatibily and ppc?
So you can lose compatibily with the cd32 software? (Ie. OS4 doesn't run custom hardware hitting software without an emulator, even on aga hardware).
Would make it the single most pointless upgrade ever :-)

Or was you joking?

On a more serious note, and in response to the actual question, I'd love any sort of cheap upgrade for the cd32, with fastram and an mpeg decoder chip being top of my wish list.
Add a faster CPU to the equation and the cd32 wouldn't be too far removed from the machines it was pitted against when it was new (3do, jaguar, 32x).
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