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Originally Posted by Etze View Post
I quite like Basic (Amos and Blitz).
I "like" AMOS too, i've said that before, for however terrible it is as a language, you can knock something up in it really quickly. We went off topic talking about whether BASIC is "simple and easy" and whether it makes sense to use it to teach programming in this day and age. Well let's put that to rest, i don't want to harsh Dunny's buzz since this is his bread and butter.

I like Basic because it gives you quick results.
AMOS does. Maybe Blitz does (i never tried it). But that's because AMOS is AMOS, not because it is BASIC. When i first got an Amiga all there was was AmigaBasic, it was really not very easy to do much more than output text in a window. I remember someone wrote a programme that loaded IFF pictures (was it on a coverdisk?) but it took so long to do so that it was basically useless.

But i don't think we have very much alternative for the novice on the Amiga, who expects to be able to make Amiga games of the sort they expect (as in, taking over all the graphics and sound - mind you, the novice who wants to open windows on the workbench screen is even more stuck since AMOS doesn't do it out of the box, although there are extensions for it). You either get AMOS (or Blitz) with all its bobs and sprites and screens and mod players, or you get some other general purpose language where you basically have to reinvent all those things or wrestle with someone else's source code.

That's why my plan is to produce for my new language, a module that incorporates all the functionality of AMOS... well that's my plan, but i'm better at planning it than actually doing it. I've been in "analysis paralysis" for the best part of a decade already...
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