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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
I would be tempted to say memory protection but Im not going down that road. I know its practically impossible to implement as an afterthought.
That reminds me of the old days and FidoNet..
I remember a long technical discussion about adding memory protection the the Amiga, among some very smart (sounding at least, way over my head..) people.
There were 2 sides (I can't remember the sides or specific issue), one led by Matt Dillon (no, not the actor, the guy who wrote DICE and went on to do lots in the BSD world) and the other side by someone else I didn't know.
(I only knew of Matt because I was a DICE user... so I was on his side by default..)
Anyway, of course it was never resolved, but I did read that the other guy got a job at Commodore later (of course, no idea doing what) and we never got memory protection.
I'm my memory, I always imagine that if Matt had somehow "won" the discussion, Commodore would have hired him and we'd have memory protection..
I know that's not the case, but still... ;-)

I know this sounds silly, but I always wanted DCTV (or HamE, I had that back in the day, DCTV now) support in Workbench..
You didn't say they have to be good ideas!! ;-)

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