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James I see that some of the links are now broken.

These last days I've had to create some icons to work with a program that doesn't work with 3.5 icons.

For what I've seen there are two ways:

- To use your great IconMaker program (included in AKReal, needs FPU as it uses ImageConverter).

- Or to use "Join". That's the one Ken Lester uses. In my distro just typing from Cli "Join" it will open and it's just to take two png images and save them as

To convert some old icons I obtained the images using a script I have to get both pngs with alpha channel with ImageConverter (normal -_n- and selected -_s-).

ImageConverter Sys:#?.info -of Ram:%f_n -f PNG -img 0
ImageConverter Sys:#?.info -of Ram:%f_s -f PNG -img 1
In one of the icons (for the WBArmy game) I found it only had the old images in the icon, so using IconEdit I saved them first, later I converted them to 32bits with Ultimate Paint in the Pc and finally I joined them.

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