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Sounds like your version of Moonstone is knackered to me it shouldn't exit to Amiga-DOS at all.

I'll upload a version I know works to the zone (button at the top right of the site)
It should work with a standard A500 config (1.3 kickrom, 1 MB chipram, OCS graphics chipset). I know I got the game working there under winfellow. so if winUAE doesn't do it for you you could either try another version of winUAE or find winfellow somewhere.

I'd have uploaded the AGA fixed version of moonstone but without access to my own drive I can only upload what I have on CD.

As for the PC version. It works just fine, it's just your computer which outgrew it. I'd suggest for a dos emulator which might be able to play it though a bit slowly. I've managed to get haloween harry, Rampart, Immortal and Serious Agent Man running in it with little or no problems at all.

The PC version of moonstone is a big step down from the Amiga one, so I'd suggest you give the Amiga one a good attempt before dumping it.
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