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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Why reinvent the wheel when someone many options exist already? ...
Can't get Swift for the Amiga...

Also one design goal is that it should be easy to write a module directly in 68k asm.

And there's always something wrong with already existing programming languages. Maybe that's why i've kept my own idea out of existence for the best part of a decade, best not ruin it now by actually making it.

Strange though, that someone can mention that they are remaking Sinclair BASIC and no-one says they are re-inventing the wheel... i'm practically re-inventing the jet engine, by comparison.

Originally Posted by Megol View Post
If I may ask: why anonymous functions? IMHO the only advantage of them is reduced typing with the significant disadvantage of making code very hard to read.
well... you can define functions that take other functions as parameters, and pass them back as return values.

You can, however, create a named reference to an anonymous function. If this seems like a pedantic distinction, it probably is. But it saves having two different syntices, like you have in C++11 and Java 8.

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