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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
it will be multi-paradigm but especially Object Oriented (strongly typed, single-inheritance plus interfaces, like Java, but with dynamic despatch only for interfaces), and functional programming. In fact all functions are anonymous. Kind of a hybrid between D and BETA, with a context-free syntax. There will be inner functions/closures. Loops can be constructed using an anonymous function with tail recursion like so:


After this discussion i've been thinking about possible alternative syntaxes. The syntax i have in mind is broadly C-like but with a context-free lexer it might be possible to define many other alternative syntaxes (syntices?).
Why reinvent the wheel when someone many options exist already? Swift, notably provides about all features you listed. There are many people in the functional programming community who laud it's suitability for functional programming (*). Many prominent Haskell developers have selected it as their mainstream language of choice and now that it is going to be open source there no reason it cannot end up on the Amiga.

(*) to the point that it feels like Apple created it by mistake.
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