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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
thanks guys, i will try again to make it run under winuae (mac).
somebody should make an hdf ready to use with mac support or why not amikit with mac support.
By the way is it possible to emulate mac from amiga dos or do you have to run the workbench ??
I must confess to not understanding your've got everything emulating everything else, somehow...

Here's a link to an Apple IIGS emulator that runs well under Win10x64...but the game on the linked page is the only one I use it for...

Download the IIGS emulator "ActiveGS" from that page...and the game, too, if you like...both are legal & free.

WinUAE 3.1 is really, really nice, imo, for Amiga games (only)...! Runs great under Win10, too..! (Seems measurably better for me than even 3.0!)
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