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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
I downloaded the dxwebsetup (286kb) to the desktop and ran it from there. It started O.K then stopped saying windows already had the latest DX Installed. I had to use this file in the end to install dx9, directx_Jun2010_redist
Yes, when you download the newest D3d executable from Microsoft (D3d9.0c, June 2010) and prepare to install it in any OS = Vista or newer, up to and including Win10, you must use dxsetup.exe, and not dxwebsetup.exe, because the latter simply checks the current version number and if it's > than 9.0c it exits without installing, informing you that "You already have a newer version"... Of course, we are trying to force install the older version to reside alongside the newer version of DX/D3d, and the only way to do that is to run dxsetup.exe....(as you no doubt discovered.)
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