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Restart emulation after saving BIOS changes. IDE drives are not reset during BIOS restart. (_Always_ test by restarting emulation before assuming anything!)

I am starting to suspect that A2286 IDE support (and most of BIOS code) is from some 286 Commodore PC with built-in IDE, I don't see any other ways for IDE reset except FDC reset and I don't think it is possible unless FDC and IDE controller is in same chip.

ISA IDE board in real A2286 may have exact same problem. (Unless it comes with its own BIOS)

EDIT: And driver does multi-sector reads but does not wait for interrupt/drq status bit between loaded blocks. It can't work. EDIT2: Not simple fix to support this but possible. Maybe later..

I think Universal XT IDE BIOS is much better choice.

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