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Datapath is only an assignment to where the AmiStart drawer with the files is, (so you can open AmiStart from the WBStartup) but it wasn't it wasn't working, but that I had to add to the AmiStart drawer I use in AmiKit some more files like the "buttons" drawer that you have in your files, if not it doesn't work.

You can also see that the original version of AmiKit when you open the Taskbar settings for example, some checkmarks are outside of the window, but in your version everything is ok with 24 bits.

So what version do I use, do you have any idea? The _jan one works too as you say, I don't see any difference. Edit: I think I will use the _jan one.

And yes, I agree that on WinUAE it should say better 24bits Disabled or Set 24Bits or something... but well, once you know what it makes...

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