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thanks tony, now i get 24 bit uaegfx working. i need choose a 24 bit pixel format first. maybe to make it clear you can add in the menu entry when (24 bit) is show this text (24 bit disable).

I receive the version from amikit you use now. it is name 0.66c but with older date. it realy not work in 24 bit. i have send you too a version named amistart_jan. This is a version that is used in amikit earlier. this work in 24 bit with 3.5 icons too and is in smaller size. the bigger size version have symbol info for debugging in. i dont know what the new amikit version do better. maybe this was the time, the 24 bit problem is introduce. i test amistart_Jan. this work on uaegfx in 24 bit bgr and rgb mode.

I dont know what datapath do. maybe you look in snoopdos. maybe it is a special change for amikit, that it work relative.
mayber you need in your startup-sequence a cd to correct directory. when start from workbench it is critical to use relative paths. i dont know, what the default path is
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