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Post FMS hopefully explained a bit more

assign fms: t:

This line simply tells your Amiga where you are storing the disk images. Each device like ff0: makes up a file called Unit0 (ff1: = Unit1, ff2: = Unit2...) which is stored somewhere. I store mine in T: (part of Ram) so if it crashes while writing to it, I don't invalidate my HD. If you have tonnes of memory and use it just to transfer images, it's a good idea. Otherwise assign it to your HD somewhere like: assign fms: games:

If you want it to be permanent so it remembers what you had it in last time (eg. you unpack 11 monkey island disks to it and fms: is pointing to your games: partition) then you will have 11 disk icons on your workbench, one for each game all the time.

mount ff0: defer

If you mount ff0:, then FF0: becomes active immediately even if you don't USE ff0: while you amiga is powered up. If you defer it, memory for the disk image isn't created at that point but it is added to the amiga's list of devices so when you use it (eg. Diskwiz Phobia.dms ff0: ) then ff0: will exist in the system as a proper device and it will unpack to it.
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