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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
It's short for "DIMension" which is what you do - you set an array's dimensions.
i know what it stands for, but it means treating arrays as special rather than just a type. also you shouldn't have to fix the size at creation.

And that's a serious fault in AMOS. The whole reason for the LET keyword was to make this sort of thing clearer. Yes, LET is not necessary - I never use it outside Sinclair BASIC.
Now i'm just confused. It's a serious fault in AMOS even though it's the same in pretty much every BASIC?

LET <var>=<value> makes sense when you say it out loud - or if you don't want to appear insane in front of your peers, think it to yourself.
But this is precisely my point. Natural language is no good to computers. That's exactly what's wrong with BASIC. Learning how to use BASIC is not learning how to program. That's why people fail to progress, because it doesn't prepare anyone for the sort of super-pedantic logic that makes computers tick. Rather, it does the opposite, by pandering to fuzzy thinking.

"LET a equal the result of b equals 5"
I'm not sure "Let A=(B=5)" makes any more sense, tbh.
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