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Originally Posted by Adrian Browne View Post
Ive never heard of the apollo forum being deleted before.
I wonder if they infringed upon someones patents. The apollo core is an evolution of the old motorola chipset right?
All the posts on the apollo forum were wiped once before it was opened to the public. Someone might have said it was a "restart" corresponding to a new direction with the core or it could have had something to do with the content of more recent threads at the time. Meynaf wasn't the only one who considered the wipe annoying as it had useful technical information (much as the Natami forum does). Maybe if you had known some of the insiders involved with the Natami project then you would understand the "problem". Meynaf and I are strongly opinionated but we are pretty easy going team players. There are reasons why we are not actively involved with the apollo project anymore.
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