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thats wrong, 32bit is always faster because 32bit fit every pixel in a long word. when use 24 bit the data need split and merge in 1 byte(8 bit) and 1 word(16bit). thats the reason wy today all gfx cards use 32 bit and offer no 24 bit support , even if 24 bit save memory. only in the early computer days when memory was very expensive, 24 bit was support

16 bit work in any pixelformat with 0.66 amistart and uaegfx. amikit do not allow screenchange on fly. there come message that screen can not close. so you need always save the screen and you need reboot.

maybe you can send me the picasso 4 monitor and card driver for picasso 4 you use, so i can easy test on winuae picasso 4 the rom i have download and work
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