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Originally Posted by AnnaWu View Post
I used the "makeab" command which is included with the PC Install/Janus 2.x floppy disk to create a autoboot file.
Example for a 10MB virtual PC Hard Disk file:

makeab dh0:c

Enter number of Heads (1-16): 4
Enter number of Sectors/Track (1-64): 17
Enter number of Cylinders (1-1024): 306

On the DOS side I used the "fdisk" command to create a partition.
"format c: /s" to format the partitioned virtual PC Hard Disk and copy the system files.
I am using the Janus install disk 2.1 (from The installer creates the autoboot file (no need to run makeab manually), but what else do I need to do to actually use it? If I boot from the DOS floppy (the one in the Zone) and run fdisk, it doesn't detect any disks. The 2088XT manual says PCDisk should be run first in order to use autoboot file, but the 2.1 disk doesn't have it.
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