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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
ok, this isn't a Language vs Language, i could write a short book called "What's Wrong With C", but BASIC is being touted as a simple language that's easy to learn and it really isn't imho
To a certain level it is: it is mostly implemented as an interpreter and support direct execution of statements both of which helps experimenting. Having a lot of stuff predefined without needing some type of including/importing statements helps too.

IMO one will soon hit a brick wall and have either to switch language or use some extended BASIC dialect. But I repeat myself

Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
Yes and no. I've read a lot of its documentation, but never written anything real in it. But it's certainly an interesting language that doesn't use arbitrary ascii garbage for its syntax.
Your fixation with symbol use is strange to me given that BASICs tend to use sigils to indicate type type of a variable which IMHO is much less logical and readable.
The problem with the C syntax isn't (again IMHO) the use of symbols, it is the unstructured layout that allows programmers to output almost unreadable messes. Properly formatted C is easy to read, badly formatted it is near unreadable for humans. Not Perl unreadable though...
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