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Originally Posted by beezle View Post
I'm often baffled at the prices people quote for PC gear.
When I got my a1200+ 50mhz '030 bliz mk4 "back in the day" it was more expensive than the (fully decked out) pentium 200 system I bought the same week.
As much as I enjoy the Amiga it seldom got touched at the time as it was technically inferior in every way imaginable (apart from the OS, but I don't mind dos anyway). Not to mention the fact that quality games were drying up on the Amiga by this point.

Even a few years prior to that a dx2/66 could be bought for about $500. I got one with an unemployment loan, which could be up to $500, so Im definitely remembering correctly.

All this junk people make up about various computers just to make the Amiga seem better, in my opinion does the exact opposite. If a person feels the need to twist and contort history then one can't help but wonder if the machine they champion has shortcomings that are being glossed over. This of course isn't just an Amiga vs (insert system here) thing, but is obviously prominent on an Amiga site.

All computers can be fun. I really don't understand why some people feel the need to try to dismiss one platform vs another. Especially when the machines in question were archaic 15 years ago.

To each their own I guess, but it seems bizarre to me.
I suppose it really depends on the year and the country.
For instance, in 1989 in the Netherlands, a PC could cost 3000-3500 guilders, while an Amiga 500 cost closer to 1200 guilders.

In 1992 (when I bought my A500), the A500 was about 800 guilders and a PC with VGA and soundcard still cost upwards of 2500 guilders. You did get a 486 DX/2 for that though, so you did get much better hardware for it.

When I bought my Pentium MMX 166 with Windows 95, SVGA and soundblaster in 1996 I know for a fact I paid 2500 guilders (as I needed a loan and I couldn't get any more than that). Which was about the same price as the total cost for my A1200 + Blizzard IV + 16MB + Tower. Naturally, the Pentium was way faster.

In US dollars that would've been about half that for each number.

Don't underestimate how expensive PC's where in Europe. They really where not cheap until quite late in the game.


I should add that the PC prices did include a monitor in all cases - in 1989 this would've been a green/green monochrome one, in 1992 and later that would've been a (S)VGA one. The monitor that came with my PC cost about 700 guilders out of the total price. Adding a monitor to the Amiga 500 setup would've cost me about 500 guilders.

Also corrected the A500 price based on an advert from the time.

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