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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
We got Amiga games that looked and sounded just like, or in many cases EVEN BETTER than its console counterparts, but the games were just not feeling the same.
My major bug-bear about Amiga gaming is really the sound effects/music issue, while the machines sound great imho (stereo issues aside), having to choose between them in many otherwise quality games, and the single button controls/up to jump is really off-putting and feels like a step backwards if you're used to consoles.

Also: Too many platformers pretending to be sonic, and always looking like poor efforts in comparison, because well, compare the amount of staff and budget of sonic team to the people who worked on super frog, ruffian etc. I always think that Euro games had less staff, budget and testing, whether on Amiga or whatever... overall I think the Amiga probably had way less budget and staff for just about any game compared to a console game.
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