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Ah, anyway...

I gave this a try, very good conversion, some graphics are nicer than the Megadrive version, and the music of course is much better.

My main problem is with controls. On the Megadrive you have 3 buttons and I can't seem to be doing the exact same things on the Amiga.
I get that a quick button press will change my active player when I am defending, but how on earth do I try to steal the puck and how am I supposed to hit the players or use the weapons? The Megadrive uses two different buttons for this.

Also when attacking, I get that a quick press passes, but holding the button makes a shot nowhere as powerful as what I can get on the Megadrive, where I could shoot a really nice, hard shot from mid-field and it would reach the goal with power. On the Amiga when I keep the button pressed, a puny shot is made. What am I missing?
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