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Originally Posted by SilentBob View Post
I don't get the underclock to 9.46 MHz part. On the PC back in the old days it made sense to underclock because really old software ran too fast. But this doesn't seem to ever have been a problem on the Amiga.
It's only a few titles, mainly A500 floppy games that run too fast on an A1200. Remember Kefrens Desert Dream? On a too-fast computer, the missile flies *through* the "melon" ship, and explodes way later. And I haven't even tried that title on the ACA1221 yet...

9.46MHz is the slowest that the ACA1221 runs safe at, and since clock rates can be switched on the fly, it also helps saving power and reducing heat. We have a "CPU govenor" program that watches the CPU load and dynamically switches between clock rates. If the CPU is idle, it's clocked down to 9.46MHz, and if you give it some load, it'll crank up to the highest frequency that your card is licensed for (up to 28.38MHz).

You're right that most WHDload games have been fixed to run on faster machines. With the ACA1221 being meant for building WHDload machines, the feature appears like mental masturbation. Maybe it is - I'm an Amigan, and "because we can" has always been a good answer to technical specialties like this :-)

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