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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
The fact that I and Akira criticize some european styles does not mean we are throwing the baby with the bath water and reject all of them.
Exactly. I am being objective here and putting aside my love for the Amiga.
Most of the examples given were not originated on the Amiga or are just clones of other stuff (Sensi Soccer wasn't revolutionary but you could say Kick Off 2 was and that's not an Amiga-originated game). Simon the Sorcerer is just another graphic adventure and also not originated on the Amiga. You get my point.

The only two super original games I can think of that were Amiga generated are Lemmings and Mindwalker. There are some more but I have to think long and hard about it, and that second one was really early. Was the Amiga revolutionary when it came out? Yes. But by 1991 it was not anymore, it was starting to drift behind other hardware, and Commodore was ruining it and, well, that's another whole topic.

It feels to me that Akira did not mean to make such a broad generalization but rather tried to paint a general feeling given by many (not all) European games of the 80-90s.
You only have to go and read any Amiga games magazine post 1990 and see how COMPARISONS WITH CONSOLES/PCs WERE MADE ALL THE TIME! I am not making this up. The market needed to veer that way to keep competitive and it never really managed for many reasons. "Console style" meant the usually Japanese approach at making games, and European developers tried for years, in my opinion without really succeeding ever, to emulate that style. They were really focused on the technicalities of how games looked and sounded like, but never on how they played. We got Amiga games that looked and sounded just like, or in many cases EVEN BETTER than its console counterparts, but the games were just not feeling the same.

It's a very interesting platform in that most of the production for it came from Europe. This makes it very particular. There are almost no American games and sadly no Japanese games.
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