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30-th Amiga brithday event in Poland/Lodz

Hi guys,
we want to organise (probably the last in this year) Amiga 30th birthday event. This time partyplace will be Poland/Lodz. Planned date - middle of November. This will be a one day event (saturday) + demoscene night till the crack of dawn :-)

We also know, there are many of you here, who do an amazing job for our community by designing many different software like libraries, datatypes, patches and of course hardware projects - memory expansions, turbo-cards, scan-doublers, mouse/keyboard adapter or USB controllers.

We'd like to invite you to this event, so you could show off your toys to polish Amiga users :-)

We don't know the exact term or location so we can't provide such info yet (more details in september), but if some of you is interested in this event and ready to attend, please contact me via e-mail - We pay for hotel, food and drink. Also, we can participate in travel expenses. I think so... ;-)

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