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But if AmiStart v65 works with 3.5 icons with RTG (no AfA) with 24bits as it does, why is it a problem of AmiStart and not of AfA?

I know it could fix the problem if it works (v66) with 24 bits, but as I say, v65 just like it is, shoudn't it also work with AfA like it works without it?

And excuse my poor knowledges.

I understand you say that the programmers must adapt their programs to work with AfA then?

Originally Posted by bernd roesch View Post
if this 0.66c i have send not show icons, then you have bad icons. try the amistart archive (which contain OS3.5 icons for preferences) use the config file that is on amistart archive. and you can see, OS3.5 icons are show in 32 bit 16 bit. if the icons not show in 24 bit, then it is too problem in amistart.
Yes, I've tried that now and the program doesn't start either with 24 bits.

Edit: Ok if you think your icon structure is right with 3.5 icons in AfAOS then I only can wait for D. Brewka to update his program or to change all of my icons for AmiStart v65 to work with AfA

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