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if this 0.66c i have send not show icons, then you have bad icons. try the amistart archive (which contain OS3.5 icons for preferences) use the config file that is on amistart archive. and you can see, OS3.5 icons are show in 32 bit 16 bit. if the icons not show in 24 bit, then it is too problem in amistart.

maybe i explain more how OS4 or AROS icon system work. It is only able to work correct, when programs use the AOS function introduce in AOS 3.5 drawiconstate.

older programs read the icon data direct from a address and blit. This fail because the program is not able to detect if the icon is png or OS4 Icon. AROS (afa use code from it)use a iconstructure for OS3.5 icons that is not compatible with AOS iconstructure. So all programs that use not Drawiconstate function do not work correct.

to support the new icons developer need change their programs to use drawiconstate. many developer have done it, so much work. Darius have done it in 0.66 Versions, but he introduce a Bug in 24 bit. maybe there is a option to disable transparency in amistart. maybe then it work in 24 bit. or do setting so menu is not transparency

I hope you understand that it is not possible to get old programs working with new icon system. for dopus magellan i need have add special patch routines that check if it is dopus, and do a patch of bltbitmaprastport. this was lots work. On OS4 or MOS old dopus is not able to show OS4 or png icons. But i really have no time to add a special patch that a old amistart can show icons, because new amistart show icons correct
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