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Sorry, it works with 66c, it was it had disabled the paths. It works in both versions of AmiKit with 24bits, but with corrupted icons just like with v66 of AmiKit.

I would try to copy the uaegfx of monitors of AmiKit PC to your OS, as it works here with 24 bits after changing the color settings and later the screenmode. If you can't get it to work, use my distro and install what you need there from your OS.

Or just change your screenmode to use another monitor different of UAE, reboot, install as RTG a Picasso IV zorro III in your system and install it with Picasso96 drivers.

We'll have to let time to Darius, as he hasn't even decided what UAE emulation to use, as he uses Linux. It seems it's a long time he doesn't use Amiga emulation.

I've told him to use FSUAE and explained a bit (I don't use FSUAE) how to install my distro. It surely would be easier to install AmiKit for PC as it has a Linux install, but I doubt it has the color modes in the Gui that WinUAE has to use 24 bits, so I've recommended to him to install my distro instead, as it is running with 24 bits with a Picasso iv Zorro III (I hope FSUAE has got it).

BTW I've sent you an email.

Edit: Sorry, no. It doesn't start. Not my fault. I've got your file with Amistart 66c and I've got another with the "AmiStart 66c for AmiKit" that PeterK sent me time ago and has a readme as beta. This last is the one that starts with corruption. Your file doesn't start in both versions of AmiKit.

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