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If amistart 0.66c not start on your system, i think it is because of your config file. try out start on normal amikit. on amikit 0.66c version is used earlier. or use for quick test, the config that is attach in 0.66c. it contain 3.5 icons. I look if i can get 24 bit screens working to test. I have no showamiga96. maybe there is a tooltype hide 24 bit modes etc. normaly use 24 bit on a classic is too slow. most users use 16 bit

Darius have change in 0.66 so it support true color icons and i guess work on OS4 too. amistart 0.65 maybe show 3.5 icons correct without afa, but try out png icons or OS4 true color icons. do they work with 0.65 ?.

The bad news is that Dariues change something in amistart window open close or transparency in V0.66. and this fail on 24 bit screens.

maybe when look at all 0.66 versions Darius create, we find a version that work with truecolor icons 3.5 icons and have no problem with 24 bit. maybe you can ask Darius if he can show where to download or send all 0.66 versions he have. then you can test out.
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