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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
How is that a true statement when all that happened back then was that European developers were just trying to copy the games they saw on the consoles to try to keep competitive? And earlier games, well, not all of them were really any innovative. I can count with the fingers of my hands the truly unique titles the Amiga has gotten into the world (Lemmings being the prominent one).

Amiga devs were usually always looking to the side to see what they'd do. They wanted action games like the arcades or consoles. They wanted strategy and "serious" games like PCs. It's really a bit sad.
Well, when it's easy and cheap (no licensing costs for example) to produce games for a platform, you're bound to get a tonne of dross and 'me-toos' along with the gems. It just means you have to be more discerning as a consumer.
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