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Off the top of my head:

Mortal Kombat 1, 2, and 3, Super StreetFighter2, SSF2T, pretty much any point 'n click adventure, Settlers (almost splitting hairs with that one, but dos version has bug fixes vs Amiga), Zool2 (better gfx and less slowdown).

Generally speaking the Amiga struggled to compare favorably in any multi format game from early to mid 90's onwards. While this was at times due to technical shortcomings, it was more often because of the Amiga being an afterthought. It has an unfortunate amount of "lowest common denominator" lazy ports. Stripped back "non amiga-fied" console ports because Amiga hardware sprites, etc don't compare, but also stripped back PC ports because CPU speed, non chunky, fewer colors, etc.
In both scenarios it was often developed for as a weaker version of said hardware, despite the fact that it is a platform unto itself. Near to as capable for a lot of games at the time as a PC or console, just different.
While multiplatform games often suffered during this time, it was also a good period for original Amiga titles.

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