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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Take an European platformer, an American one and a Japanese one. You will soon feel the differences.
I think they just prefer the gameplay of Japanese ones.
And I think I might end up like that as well.

I was "raised" on Amiga European platformers/gameplay, SuperFrog etc. but never played a single Japanese one and overall I had never been a big fan of the genre in general.

Recently I bought a used Genesis (MegaDrive) and the game MonsterWorld IV and I was floored. Perfect, super precise controls, simple but varied animations, instant reaction, just the right amount of Inertia. It was simply an experience I had never had with any Amiga platformer and made me reconsider the genre entirely. (Turrican would be the only one to come close.)

After that I played a bit of the fantastic Lionheart and found myself struggling like mad to achieve control of the character. Doable but so much effort just to reach the stage when you can finally enjoy the gameplay.
Clearly the European platform games would have gained a lot if their developers had played more Japanese games.
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