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OK, question about framing/support..
(And no, I don't have a 3D printer.. ;-)

So, I found out my issue with kickstart (apparently the method I was using to create ADFs wasn't a good one (they were old) and my kryoflux to ADF works; not sure what I did wrong before, but..), and I CAN boot my A1000 off of the Gotek!!

Also, I found that if I take the Gotek out of its case, the USB and buttons fit nicely where the disk would go in, and the LCD fits nicely just outside that.

But.. Right now, I have a rubber band and a few paperclips (on the outside of the case holding the rubber bands) holding the gotek board against the inside of the case.

It's enough to know that it works and lines up nicely, but even I know rubber bands aren't the best long term solution.. ;-)

I need to come up with some kind of frame to hold it in place, probably which lines up with the holes that held the old drive in place..

I've done some basic electronics, but not building guides to hold in cards..

So, thoughts on how I should proceed?

I was thinking trying to use some plastic sticks (I can probably find something??) and super gluing them together?

Or possibly thin metal strips bent into place?

Is there something that works better/worse for custom frames for electronics???
Luckily, this is going inside a case, so I'm OK if it looks bad, but still would like it to survive my plugging in the USB stick..

Any help you could provide would be.. um.. er.. helpful.. ;-)


OK, this is what I have done:

And from the front, it looks like:

Yes, those are cut down plastic forks.. ;-)
I didn't realize that they lined up as well as they did.
I can add 2 more if I need to.. We'll see how stable it is...

For the Gotek:
Slot 1 is my kickwork boot disk that boots KS 1.3, then loads the RAM and IDE/CF drivers (tomthul models) and finishes the boot off of the CF card.
Slot2 is a standard KS 1.3.
I think slot 3 is a KS 1.3/WB1.3 floppy (no RAM/IDE drivers).

Then I have a few games starting at slot 5.
Don't want to put too many in there, as I won't remember what is in what slot. ;-)


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