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To change AmiKit to use 24bits first disable ShowAmiga96 in the s-s, as it uses a preconfigured monitor. Edit the WinUAE config before booting and change the color modes like this

After rebooting it will show a bad screen as it won't have the screenmode it was using. Use AmiKit:Prefs/Screenmode and select a 24 bit monitor and reboot, that's all.

Edit: Your file with AmiStart 66c (adding the icon with the tools) doesn't open, just wastes fast mem. The same also without tools, leaving only the paths to main icon and Data.

I also had that 66c version that PeterK sent me to try, and his comes with the info and tools for AmiKit, but it doesn't start either.

Edit: But you keep thinking that changing the AmiStart version could fix this. No, it won't. Ok that v66 doesn't work with 24 bits, but v65 does and the problem it shows with 3.5 icons doesn't exist without AfA, so it's caused by AfA. If you take a 3.5 icon in AfA and you click to show the info it will show the old image. That doesn't look right either.

Edit: Thinking well, I am wrong and AmiStart could in fact fix this problem I believe with another "Buffered" option that I don't know what makes, but the problem in AfA with the 3.5 icons is there I believe.

Edit: I've got an email from Darius Brewka and maybe he can make something although he is out of the amiga scene since years ago after his accident.

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