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I have 0.66c amistart from 10. April 2007 on my winuae config.It show the icons(that are in the default folder, of amistart) are 3.5 icons ok. you are right 0.65 do not show icons. I guess this old version use no drawiconstate to draw icons. seem Darius have change that in 0.66c and some more. In 0.66 you use he sadly broken 24 bit support because of some other changes he do. but AFA can do nothing here without much work. my screenmode requester AOS 3.5 do not show 24 bit modes so i can not easy test 24 bit on my afa system to debug. or need i use newer uaegfx ?

maybe the amistart i send to you work in 24 bit. maybe we have luck

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