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You are true with AmiStart v66 used in AmiKit, but as I told you AmiStart v65 works with 24 bits and the only problem is the icons not shown when they use the 3.5 format.

I sent you yesterday the files that you can try with 24bit modes.

You can try with AmiKit PC with the changes Toni said to use 24 bits. Start the original AmiStart and you will find the corruption we saw, like Thomas confirmed, but if you use AmiStart V65 copying the Tools to the info it will show them right I'm sure.

Edit: I will make that and tell in some minutes.

First: AmiKit PC using AfA with it's original AmiStart v66:

And now just running v65, not even a reboot was necessary:

AmiStart v65 shows all of the icons in the 3.5 format when I only use RTG without AfA.

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