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It is very rare. Listen I've moved to disabled the picture.datatype.exe and rebooted but there was no change.

Then I've taked an icon, Hip and in another OS edited and saved. In fact that icon was already in the 3.5 format. After rebooting it wasn't shown (selecting it or even selecting, saving prefs and rebooting).

Then I've edited another Hip icon in another OS to have the new image in the old image, that was going to fix it in theory.... No, it wasn't shown either.

I've even taked one of the icons that I've fixed for my Start Menus (that also has a problem with the old images of the icons)... and that fixed image that is shown in the Start Menu with AfAOS (with the new image in the old normal image) wasn't shown either in AmiStart.

I've tried this AmiStart v65 without AfA and only RTG with the same settings and it shows all of the icons.

I will try to ask what's the difference, why some icons are shown and others not.

Edit: I've tried changing the AfA prefs, icon size to 1, but there is no change (I've rebooted too).

Edit: I've taked the "" icon of AmiStart V65 and renamed it to to be used by AmiStart as main icon, rebooted, but it isn't shown either.

I see that the icons I've created are shown different in AfAOS editing the info. I created them with icon.library adding the old image in another OS without AfAOS:

Codeaudio as you know is shown, Hip not.

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