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But when you use uaegfx driver in the default little endian color mode all icons are ok show ?
If so, i do not know what Problem AFA can have. because AFA itself do not know what pixel format your amiga have. all is handle by P96 drivers.

I have only the idea that the problem can be the picture_datatype.exe in afa_os_libs folder this is from AROS the picture datatype. afa can work without it, but show no alphachannel. for test please remove it, reboot and look if the icons appear.

when you load in a icon that is not show in the iconedit(when no afa boot) and save it, maybe then they are show ?. the old 8 bit ken icons are broken. this can see because when save with icon edit they work

try also set the icon scale in afa prefs to 1 so icons are not scale.

I see in picture datatype the WriteChunkyPixel function from AOS is use to convert to the bitmap format. maybe this function is broken in any way.

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