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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
ok, this isn't a Language vs Language, i could write a short book called "What's Wrong With C", but BASIC is being touted as a simple language that's easy to learn and it really isn't imho
I certainly think it is, especially put in the context of its time of invention, or compared to mainstream languages used since then. It contains a minimum of syntactic clutter and pandering to a preprocessor. People who like curly-braces may not agree about the syntactic clutter bit, but curly-braces are syntactic clutter, and so is end-of-statement markers. For teaching a beginner programming, it's better to get to "hello world" straight away instead of having to explain declarations, prototypes, arguments and return values, as one must do in any language inspired by C.

Personally, I find myself the most productive writing in ARexx, but I suspect it's also not a programmer snob's favourite.
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