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This is the sad truth, no matter how much we love Amigas and their games, a lot of them, especially the AGA ones, paled in comparison to its contemporary console fiends. I wouldn't blame the hardware completely, though, but pit a CD-32 against a Playstation, and there's just no chance, particularly at a time that everything was going 3D.

Notice that throughout the review they keep saying "doesn't look 32-bit". A game released nowadays for a modern console or machine, that has pixel graphics, is usually called in reviews as "16 bit looking" at best, no matter how complex or detailes the graphics and things going on are, so they would have never found any game "32 bit" because it just wasn't Playstation-type 3D graphics (have this article for reference regarding this subject:

In brief, this review pretty much hits the nail right in the head. The CD32 was unfortunately plagued with Amiga ECS or AGA shovelware that at times wouldn't even take advantage of extra joypad buttons, and even what we consider good AGA games wasn't many times on par with what the console market would bring out. The "it looks European" criticism is fair because it really means that games came from a different viewpoint. American, Japanese and European games are quite different in approach to each other and this is what the reviewers kept referring to.

PS: I love my Amigas and especially my CD32, just so you don't think I'm some kind of Atari user
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