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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Most early DSPs did not support FP but were good at fixed point integer math (often better than the CPU integer unit). DSPs are notoriously difficult to program efficiently though. Had the Amiga or Atari with DSP beat the PC, I expect a fast FPU and later SIMD (also not easy to program) would have replaced most DSP processing.
yes, Motorola 56001 in Falcon (at 32MHz) is declared as 16 MIPS.
Beside that MC DSP has SIMD characteristics and they are self sufficient (btw today many Falcon coders works in game industry as optimisation specialist for PlayStation, Xbox...) Falcon implementation of MC DSP allow only ~800KB/s data transfer "to" and "from" DSP (or up to 3MB/s if you skip confirmations...).
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