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It is a nice and well balanced episode even if it shows that they do not have an extensive knowledge of the Amiga(s) game library.

They could have been really harsh on the console and its library but they clearly did their best to highlight some good games out there. It is fairly obvious that they did not have access to the whole library nor did have much time to dig through it but it is a good coverage overall with a slightly longer duration moreover.

I hope they get to do an A500 episode one day. Joe Redifer clearly knows about the Amiga as he has mentioned the machine briefly in multiple episodes but I am fairly certain neither of them has one nor has access to a good library of games for it so I will not be holding my breath.

Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
They should read game manuals or watch recorded gameplay.
It takes an enormous amount of time to prepare such an episode and they could not do without taking shortcuts especially since they are not Amiga owners. These guys do this on their spare time, they cannot afford to spend too much time researching all the tips and tricks of he games they mentioned.

They can do it for the consoles because that is a field they know by heart but with the limited amount of time they can work on for each episode we cannot reasonably expect (nor demand) pro-level journalism.

If you want them to do it full time though, I would recommend to sponsor them via their patreon account. I chose to pay 4$ a month which is essentially 2$ per video, i.e., less than what I pay for coffee in a day.

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