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Originally Posted by jPV View Post
I was wondering the same too, and I decided to keep each disk in its own dir, to avoid guessing which one to keep. It also makes the game dir much cleaner

So, my MutantLeagueHockey directory looks now like this:

And inside my StartGame script file I have:

Assign MF0: MF0 ;Assigns to the subdirs
Assign MF1: MF1
Assign MF2: MF2
MF0:Scoopex ;Obligatory cracktro
MF0:Galahad ;Must be run before game or crashy crashy!!
MF0:MutantLeagueHockey ;Main executable to run the game
Good Idea

I commented out the Scoopex part, it would pause req a mouse click for me.
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