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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
Hello Anna

You Windows 3.0 is only experimental, tell me how you created the harddisk, you have created with DOS emulators such as Bochs, DOSBox etc .. or with WinUAE, if you how DOS Type?

You tested A2286 and A2386SX, were implemented ?, played around and I do not recognize the floppy and harddisk.
The virtual hard disk was created with the Janus Installation Disk (Amiga).
Emulators like Bochs, Qemu, PCem, DOSBox ... use the default RAW format for the hard disk image and is not read-/writeable with the x86 Bridgeboard expansion.
The created/partitioned/formatted virtual PC hard disk is also unreadable by using tools like WinImage etc.

The A2386SX expansion doesn't work because of the BIOS/Setup problem.
The A2286 expansion works for me partially. No problem with the floppy disk (360KB), if I choose another format e.g. 1.4MB it show me a Drive 0/1 configuration error but it is working.

If I choose a hard disk I get a 1782-Disk controller failure.

Tested with the A2286 3.6/4.2 BIOS/Setup.

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