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I agree that the Amiga was well ahead of its time. It had everything that the PC didn't have - stereo sound, better graphics, better software titles, etc. Hell, it even had emulation going as far back as the A1000. IBM/Microsoft/other PC manufacturers didn't even try to compete with the Amiga. The PC was stuck with Mono/CGA graphics and PC Speaker sound. Until the likes of WinUAE came along, it was a one-way street: "The Amiga can emulate a PC, but a PC can't emulate an Amiga".

Putting hard disks aside, one thing I really like about the Amiga is that you slip a disk in the internal disk drive, and it just worked. There was no need to install the software first. Gaming for PCs has gotten worse. Not only do you have to install games, but you have to deal with DRM and continual updates. That's why for its 30th anniversary, I showed my respects by buying an A500 from eBay.
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