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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
In all honesty, i simply dont know. Have been told if its becomes available, it will 'likely' come to me again as i had to bugfix the AGA version as it worked on WiNUAE but not a real A1200, so if the stars align, and there is time for it tl happen, then it will happen, but its not in my hands, and frankly, we were lucky to get the AGA version.

So long as the guy isnt hassled, it might happen, but hes VERY busy with real life job programming, and obviously other things are secondary.
No worries mate, I was just trying to shake that diamond loose!

Hopefully the coder will find the time and do the common sense thing by handballing you the A500 version. It'd be a bit of a shame if the A500 version didn't see a release too after all this time.
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